Sunday, September 12, 2010

The history of a panel

There's a scene in the Supergirl Annual that's a throwback to an old Legion story, I ended up liking the whole process so I thought I'd share.

The original scene.

My layout. I tried to add that line back in, I was told no.

My inks. My inspiration.

Colors by Blond.

What pages look like to me, it's pretty daunting when they're all just layouts. So many...

And before I forget, that Iron Man short I did back in May got a couple reviews. It's out in stores now, but it was sold out at Cosmic Monkey. Review links below:
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Anj said...

Nice panel! I think it works better in the woods than in a city. Your Supergirl is fantastic, as always.

Do you do pages as individual panels? Or as one big page?

Matt Camp said...

Yeah, I agree about the woods, plus I get sick of drawing buildings.

I added a jpeg of what my panels look like when they're all cut up. I treat them all like individual drawings, and then drop them in to the final page to look out for tangents or if I need to add anything.

Anj said...

So the obvious follow-up question is 'are any of the individual panels for sale?'

Can't wait to see the book!

Matt Camp said...

I'm actually all digital, so I don't have any stuff for sale unfortunately. I've been told to sell prints at shows but I don't know if people would really be interested in that.

My big plan is if I ever get on a book that gives me time I'll set aside some panels that I can do on paper then offer them here. I'm so used to doing things this way that pencils scare the heck out of me these days.

Dan said...

Matt, I think I can safely say that people would be interested in prints. I sure would.

I just wanted to say that your work on the Supergirl Annual was terrific.

Matt Camp said...

Thanks so much Dan, I'll definately bring some to my next show.

Phil Thomas said...

Another solid issue Mattyboy.
I have a mahoosive stack of things for you to buy and will gladly splash out on prints, so I'd better see you at the next show I attend :P
Hope all is well.