Sunday, July 18, 2010

Supergirl Annual #2 with the Legion

This is what I'm working on currently.

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Matt Camp
Cover by Amy Reeder & Richard Friend

In a special story that has direct ties to the regular monthly SUPERGIRL series, the Girl of Steel visits The Legion of Super-Heroes on Halloween in the 30th century! But Halloween proves to be just as spooky a holiday a thousand years from now as it is today, because a horrible new threat has awoken thanks to Supergirl's arrival. And that horrible new threat's name is - Satan Girl! Brainiac 5 has a plan, but it may come at the cost of shattering his potential romance with Supergirl!
On sale OCTOBER 27 * 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US

Sun Boy and Lightning Lad kicking butt.
The gray lightning is that way because it's a layer for Nei to use, so she doesn't have to pull apart all the lines. A little behind the scenes info.

Supergirl and Brainiac 5, probably arguing.
The question mark is a placeholder for something I probably cant spoil just yet.

Supergirl meets the Legion of Superheroes.

Random Scene 1

Random Scene 2