Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zero Killer Graphic Novel

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So the Graphic Novel for Zero Killer is coming out on August 4th, if you want it from your local shop you should still be able to order it, I'm not sure how much longer though. If not here's a couple links for ways to get it online, hopefully without the word "torrent" in there of course...
Things From Another World

Still, despite the tantalizingly unexplored world, Zero Killer is a highly entertaining graphic novel that manages to combine an excellent setting, a fascinating mystery, and great action--all told through some of the finest art in the comics industry. In a time when event tie-ins and movie adaptations are on the rise, something as original and fresh as Zero Killer is a gem.
Line of Fire Reviews, ComicsBulletin

I also saw Dave Stewart is up for another Eisner Award, I'd like to think it was for Zero Killer. That's what I'll say if he wins.