Friday, April 08, 2011

Action Comics #900

From DC Universe: The source:

We’re really pulling out all the stops for a milestone issue as big as ACTION COMICS #900, and the amount of talent that’s been pulled together for the issue is truly outstanding.

The 51-page lead story by Paul Cornell, Pete Woods and Jesus Merino sees Superman return to ACTION just in time for both the conclusion of the critically-acclaimed “Black Ring” story starring Lex Luthor and the start of the next act of “Reign of Doomsday”. As a bonus, Dan Jurgens, Rags Morales, Ardian Syaf, Jamal Igle and Gary Frank are each contributing their artistic talents to special segments of this main story.

But wait, there’s more!

Action #900 will contain short comic stories by:

- Damon Lindelof & Ryan Sook
- David Goyer & Miguel Sepulveda
- Geoff Johns & Gary Frank
- Paul Dini & RB Silva

And that’s STILL not enough…

Richard Donner and Derek Hoffman collaborated on a story that’ll be presented in a screenplay format that we’ll run alongside storyboards by Matt Camp.

Brian Stelfreeze adds in a two-page spread showing the evolution of Superman throughout the decades, drawn in the art styles of some of Superman’s most well-known artists.

And of course there’s that great painted cover by David Finch, as well as variants by Alex Ross and Adam Hughes that we’ve already shown off here and here.


ACTION COMICS #900 hits comic book stores on April 27th.

Just in case the name Richard Donner sounds really familiar, but can't place it, he directed this. It's a huge inspiration in how I view Superman, so it was an honor to work with him.