Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Zero Killer Issue 4 Cover

Colors look nice!


JunBobKim said...

MATT!!! Holy Son of a Motherless Goat! Your stuff is looking spectacular sir!!!!! Your art is looking simply amazing! Keep up the great work!

Jay Monret said...

Matt, you're my hero! Ha, hey, just got to making a blog here, except that mine is just a link to the other one.

I'm thinking of setting up this one as the personal one. I'm not sure. Since traffic for the game will pick up, and I jumped 9 spots up from IGN's top bloggers, I think that wouldn't be such a bad idea...

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Like I told you when I saw you man, I LOVE it. Keep the preview art comin'!

Always great seeing you and Jade :) Let's hook up & visit that studio with Jim sometime soon.


Tabatha said...

Hey Matt - This is your cousin Tabatha. Just wanted to say hi and tell you I think your work is absolutely AMAZING! Tell Jade and Forest I said hello as well!

Phil Thomas said...

Matthew my friend, seriously quality work there.

I want a print of that.

Or something.

Preferably wipe clean.