Thursday, September 06, 2007

Zero Killer

Some random panels.


Jim Di Bartolo said...

Nice looking panels man! How goes retirement? Are you missing the demanding a-holes at the counter? I'm sure as shit not missing the a-holes spilling drinks and looking at me like I need to clean up after them! Retirement RULES! :)

Let's get together soon and beat up some fascists!


Matt Camp said...

I really miss customer service, helping angry, short-sighted cheapskates is very fulfilling.

But I'm not bitter.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Did you ever want to say something like:

"Hey Crapstain, no one wants your lame-ass holiday calendar, and NO, I can't have all 20 copies of it for you by noon today"
"The total for the copies of your horribly designed business meeting hand-outs came to $80 sir. Thanks for killing so many trees for such a pile of shit presentation. Good job."

Just curious...