Sunday, May 06, 2007

FCBD Photos

Wow, 2 of em! Anyway, I walked up to the Hollywood Things From Another World before the signing and saw this in the window, so cool. I asked if I could have one of them so now it's in my office.

Then Philip Simon (my editor/taskmaster) and I headed over to the Cosmic Monkey signing and I snapped this one of Andy's basement. So many comics...

And finally here's a review of the FCBD issue at The Comic Book Bin. He didn't mention my art but if he did I imagine he'd say it was "awesome".

The ComicBookBin Review

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Jim Di Bartolo said...

Cool to see you at the signing Matt & GREAT to see the issue out for everyone to enjoy! (and yeah, it looks awesome! :)

I even heard ZK and both you and Arvid mentioned on the most recent "Around Comics" podcast (it's brief, but there's praise!).