Sunday, November 22, 2009

Supergirl #47 Pages

Instead of my usual waiting until it's way past relevance I figured I should post these. Plus it can show just how much work colorist Nei Ruffino put into these pages, and any compliments I get for the book should go to her as well. Sterling Gates wrote a really great script, so it was a blast doing the issue.

More pages:

The issue came out Wednesday (9-18), so it should still be in stores in case you missed it. Here's a few reviews. *Edit* Jeez, there are a lot of reviews, not that I'm complaining.

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ultimatetomshaw said...

Nice work, Matt. This was by far the most effective scene in the issue and you rendered it flawlessly. Hope to see more of your great work on the Superbooks!

Gene said...

Hi Matt,
I like your work in Supergirl so far. Issue #47 was excellent!

collectededitions said...

Thought these were great sequences. Nice work!

Matt Camp said...

Thanks you guys, poor poor Alura.