Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some Pages from Infinity Inc. #6

So the book will be out soon and I was urged to post some pages, love ya Pete, so here they are. I'm really curious to see how they look in color.


Pete said...

Sweetness. These are beautiful! and those backgrounds are amazing- is that Pioneer Place Mall I see?

Matt Camp said...

Thanks Pete, it's actually some mall in Manhattan. I should start using Portland for reference though, it'd be a hell of a lot cheaper....

You and Rebecca coming to NYCC this year?

Daniel said...

I was already liking Zero-Killer, and those pages look really good. The art's been great from the get-go on this series, so I'm happy to see that the tradition continues. Is this your only DC gig, or do you have more coals in the fire?

Matt Camp said...

Thank you very much Daniel. This is the only DC gig so far, but hopefully there will be many more. My bosses seem to like what I'm doing so we'll see what the fans think.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Beautiful stuff Matt! Really looking forward to this issue!

Maybe see you soon?

Phil Thomas said...






Make it happen.

Chris Burnham said...

Very nice stuff, Matt. I'm really enjoying the art. Are you coming up for Emerald City? The White Horse isn't the same with Jade and you! ;)

Matt Camp said...


I'll try and get out of the house soon....hopefully. I'm starting to have conversations with my Akira toys in lieu of human contact, so I think I need to. But I'll ask Tetsuo if that's cool with him first.


That's the new goal. We should take a trip to the Guinness factory while I'm there though.


Thanks man, I plan on always attending Emerald City, I love that show. It's better than San Diego.

Daniel said...

Hey, if you're coming to Emerald City, I just might have to get a sketch.